1. Feelings of Fall (#7)

    Leaves of red and gold falling from the sky. Staged apple-picking candids and pumpkin flavored everything. A Jack-O-Lantern spelling out “Go Harvard.” I’m transported...

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  2. When September Ends… (#6)

    How has it already been another month?! I remember speaking with a friend...

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  3. New Horizons (#5)

    Where to even begin?! College is crazy. This past month, from my final days at home to my first week at Yale, has been incredible...

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  4. Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast (#4)

    By the time I publish my next issue of 'PrintInPublic', I’ll have already started college (again, sort of). That’s crazy for me to consider. But as I said...

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  5. A Swift Senior Summer (#3)

    Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. That 31st day must really make a difference, because it feels like June flew by. The saying 'time flies'...

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  6. Meeting Milestones, and Making New Ones (#2)

    Wow, a lot has happened since April. Both in the tech world, and for me personally. For most of my life, I’ve been working towards several goals: earn good grades...

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  7. Starting Something New (#1)

    It’s April 2022, and I’m starting something new. A 'new'-sletter, you could say. After a few months of blogging (and really enjoying that), I’ve decided...

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