🌱 Seeds of Spring (#12)

Seth Goldin

Seth Goldin / March 31, 2023

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Immersed in the world of Richard Powers's The Overstory, a novel about trees that weaves together the narratives of characters from a computer programmer to a participant in the Stanford Prison Experiment, I find myself reflecting on the ways nature portrays and intersects with human lives. This read is part of my thought-provoking "Limits of the Human" course, which I introduced in my January newsletter.

Spring break brought me back home, where I caught up with my former colleagues at my neuroscience lab. As we reminisced, they noted a newfound confidence and maturity in me. Although I hadn't grown taller (we finally added my height to the lab doorframe), I felt a profound sense of personal growth.

The respite of spring break provided a welcome opportunity to reconnect with friends, spend some quality time with my sister, and dive into personal projects. I started training for an upcoming half-marathon with Yale Club Running team and gave my roommate a tour of the gems of South Florida.

Returning to Yale, I'm struck by the peculiar way time seems to warp within the college bubble. A mere week back from break feels like a month, and it's no wonder that students might appear transformed over the course of a year. In The Overstory, the growth of plants, from delicate seedlings to majestic trunks, can serve as a powerful metaphor for our personal evolution. As I sought such growth in my college experience, I can't help but acknowledge the valuable self-discoveries I've made.

As April marks the final full month of this semester, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities and lessons it holds!

🚀 Updates

  • Friday became a finalist for the Miller Prize at Tsai CITY’s Startup Yale! It was super fun to pitch at the finals last Friday and be a part of Yale’s burgeoning entrepreneurship scene.
  • The Yale pre-orientation program I’m helping start, LAUNCH, has recruited leaders and is finalizing its schedule – I’m excited to welcome some baby bulldogs this fall.
  • I organized the Yale Entrepreneurial Society Incubator’s annual retreat, which took place this weekend and was a blast!

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