☔ April Showers and May Finals (#13)

Seth Goldin

Seth Goldin / April 30, 2023

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Wait, where did freshman year go?!

As I write my 13th newsletter entry, I can't help but marvel at the passage of time; it's been over a year since I began chronicling my thoughts and experiences each month. It’s amusing to go back and see where I was last April.

Currently occupying my thoughts is the conclusion of my first academic year at Yale. After this week, I’m finished with finals! So I've been ruminating on the semester and reflecting on if I truly seized the opportunities it presented.

Focusing on being productive with my time can occasionally be unhealthy. As I discovered earlier in the semester, overcommitment can be detrimental. However, upon reassessing my college priorities and deliberately focusing on them, I now feel happier and more engaged than ever.

Since then, I’ve made incredible connections, organized myriad events, undergone frequent travels, and renewed my dedication to attending concerts, performances, and talks. The past few weeks exemplify this newfound balance: I threw an unbirthday party, attended a conference in NYC, crashed Spring Fling, hosted incoming bulldogs, and engaged with inspiring guest speakers.

I’m grateful for this past year, and excited for the summer.

🚀 Updates

  • I organized the first “mentor series” for the Yale Entrepreneurial Society’s incubator with amazing mentors including Sander Daniels, Michael Redd, and Alexandra Levine.
  • I also rebuilt the YES website to showcase all the awesome speakers and programs we’re hosting over the next year.
  • I’ve been helping out a friend with their startup – currently in stealth, but excited to share more soon.

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