Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast (#4)

Seth Goldin

Seth Goldin / July 31, 2022

2 min read

By the time I publish my next issue of PrintInPublic, I’ll have already started college (again, sort of). That’s crazy for me to consider.

But as I said in my last issue, time flies. It’s been a busy July.

From attending a particularly incredible Bat Mitzvah, to hearing my brother play his French Horn at Tanglewood, to spending a weekend with two of my best friends, I’ve had me a blast.

Apart from having my wisdom teeth pulled...

🚀 Updates

  • I’ve made a lot of progress on Friday, the generative conversational educational search engine. We’re currently working on finalizing a plugin for computer science-related questions online learners might run into on higher level YouTube courses.
  • I presented at Max Planck’s Microscopy And Data (MAD) Science club about my recent work on GoldInAndOut, including the ability to analyze dozens of folders worth of imaging data consecutively.
  • I was invited (along with two of my best friends) to speak on the first episode of the new FAU High School “Once an Owl, Always an Owl” podcast. I’ll likely share that with you in my next edition of this newsletter after it releases in the next month.

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