Hey, I’m Seth.When I was 14, I was called into the principal’s office. I had just released an app to help thousands of my peers access their grades faster, and the district IT team was concerned I had hacked their system. Incredibly, instead of shutting the project down, they helped me get it officially approved. And I caught the bug. Technology wasn't the future—it was a way to fix the now.The thrill of solving problems with tech became my compass. Frustrated with transferring files between iOS and Windows? I crafted a cross-platform solution. Needed a cost-effective way to embed video chat during the pandemic's peak? I engineered one that undercut Zoom's prices massively. Realized that access to computer science learning was uneven? Launched a platform that reached over a hundred thousand students, designing courses with over half a million views.I dove into a neuroscience lab, and found data analysis lagging—so I sped it up, significantly. I delved into AI policy, working at a think tank in DC, collaborating on research analysis, and teaching AI and ML ethics internationally in Asia. Since arriving at Yale, I’ve helped grow the Entrepreneurial Society to become one of the largest organizations on campus. I founded a new 5-day pre-orientation program for incoming students and a speaker series interviewing alumni founders including Kevin Ryan and Joe Tsai. Currently, I’m exploring new interfaces for LLMs. It's the next chapter in a journey of relentless innovations. “Give me a fulcrum, and I’ll move the world.” – Archimedes