What Your Major Says About You at Yale

January 20, 2023 (1y ago)


Note: this article is full of sarcasm and is based on stereotypes. Please do not take any of this seriously.

Psych: One THC study poster and you were in.

Global Affairs: On the world peace to McKinsey pipeline.

(EP&E) Ethics, Politics, & Economics: DS freshman, sounded cooler than econ.

History: Often thinking about the Roman empire.

Computer Science (and any CS joint): Body odor doesn’t phase you.

Cognitive Science: CS, but you didn’t want to take 323.

Linguistics: ChatGPT made your major cool.

MCDB (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology): Pre-med.

Neuro: Pre-med on hard mode.

Biochem: Somehow, not premed.

Philosophy: Getting hammered and debating existentialism. AKA, part of the YPU.

Music: “Oh I’m not that good at <insert instrument>.”

Theater: On the road to SNL.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies: Ready to graduate Summa Cum Laude.

English: Living the Rory Gilmore life.

Political Science: You follow The Hill, 538, and CSPAN religiously.

Math: Future Jane Street intern, you read more letters than English majors.

S&DS (Statistics & Data Science): Math, but “practical”.

Architecture: You regularly pull all-nighters in Haas.

Urban Studies: “Not Just Bikes” Youtube subscriber.

Physics: You’re really smart (I am not a physics major).

Astrophysics: Likely, really smart. And want to work at SpaceX.

EP&S (Earth and Planetary Sciences): You rock that Club Geo mug.

<Insert Language or Area> Studies: Getting that language certificate.

Art: Doubling with some other major.

Ed Studies: Wishing this could actually be your major.

Environmental Studies: Making up for how not carbon-neutral the rest of Yale is.

Classics: You can actually read the artifacts at museums.

Humanities: You actually came to Yale to study liberal arts. And have wild Spotify playlists.

Comp Lit (Comparative Literature): Like seemingly half of Yale, you’re a polyglot.

Anthropology: Tired of hearing people say “oh yeah I read Sapiens!”

Film: Over-serious Letterboxd film critic.

Econ: You attend Yale.

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